The SPK Dog Log has been a place for people to truly become part of our team. You’ve seen our ups and downs, and all the ins and outs of running a world class competitive sled dog kennel in Alaska. You’ve also been our most ardent supporters and teammates, keeping up with us every step of the way.

After a lot of leg work, this brand new website,, is ready for you to enjoy! The SPK Dog Log that you’ve always loved is still here– including posts going back to 2009– and now there are also some exciting other features for you to explore. Also, don’t worry– You can still get here by typing “” or “” or even “”… It all leads here!

Check out the new sections About the Kennel, About the Dogs, About Aliy, and About Allen. Enjoy our Social Media page, complete with an archive of YouTube videos. And, most exciting, we are opening the opportunity NOW for you to become a member of the RED TEAM or BLACK TEAM. Check out both to see what team membership includes!

Our site now includes a mobile responsive version! That means it looks a little different on your phone or tablet. You might see this icon in the top right of your screen: 

Give that a tap, and it will expand into a menu for you to explore! While you look at the site on your mobile device, that menu will always be available in the top right.

Look around, explore the site, and most of all– have fun!

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