Hang on tight while you lope along the local kennel trails during the Two Rivers 100, or pull up your hood while mushing on the chilly Chena River during the YQ300, or balance on your sled runners while you watch your dog team navigate the Dazell Gorge during the Iditarod…

You have cheered from the sidelines for years! Now you can also be on the team. So put on your mushing parka… this is YOUR dog team. Are YOU ready to race?

For $100 you will become part of the Red Team with Aliy Zirkle.

  • A Team Membership Certificate with the name of your choice
  • A “Frozen Face Aliy” Bag Tag
  • Mounted Team Placard
  • SPK Red Team Beanie (upgraded membership only)

This form will take you through to a Paypal link for payment by Paypal or Credit Card. If you wish to pay by check do not fill in this form, simply post us a check and let us know your contact details. See below for address details.

Choose a Membership Type
Name on Certificate:

Current Members

Leanna Anderson
Lisa Baricella
John & Karolyn Bristol
Michael Brochetti
Melissa Burnett
Teresa Clark
Timothy Clark
Marilyn Cozzens
Sharon D & Susan P
Russell & Patti Davis – Vakre Grooming
Chica Dean-Hopwood
Deborah Diederich
Dorothy & Girlee
Kathy Ferrell
The Freemans
Bill Gates
Geno & Frankie
Tim Gossett
Mark Greene
Helen Gross
Linda Gregory
Head-Lites Pet Products Inc.
Cathy Hunter
Charlene Kellerman
Stephanie Kuhns
Stormy Lantz
The Laymans
Beth Lockwood
Rae Long Memorial
Trish McAleer
Amara McCauley
Greg & Vivian Martin
Dr Sara Jane Miles
Gaye Morgan-Walton
Julie, chuck, Benjamin, Sarah Nace
Nessmuk & Shanti
Mark & Leona Norman
Juleen Payne
Heidi Phillips
Angela & Bob Pressley
Louise Rathswohl
Denny Reeder
Nancy Reeder
Terry Rentner
Debbi & David Robinson
Ruth Robertson
Mary Lynn Roush
Cindy Schaus
Jeanne Schnackenberg
Lloie Schwartz
Karen Schwenk
Jeanne Seward Wallberg
Midnight Steiner
Sue, Tammy, Willow & Palmer
Thelen Family
Marji Venden
Tabitha Voigt
Diana & Harry Workmon
Bill & Sue Wyman & the Pack



As a “Thank You” all team members receive a 2017-18 Red Team Certificate, a ‘Frozen Face Aliy’ bag tag, as well as a mounted dog team placard ~ using the stunning images by Julien Schroder of arctic-mood.com and designed by Jack Hintz. We owe much gratitude to Julien who has allowed us to use his images.

For an extra $15 you can choose the upgraded Red Team Membership and receive a red beanie with your placard. Note: Beanies are not available on their own, you can only get one through the upgraded team membership.

(Find out about the joining the Black Team here!)

The Join the Team program runs on a seasonal basis. We clear the rosters of the Red and Black Team members at the start of each season in October, then add team members to the new season’s list. Team membership packets are sent out starting in November until the end of March.

Mounted Placard – Photography by Julien Schroder, Layout by Jack Hintz

If you prefer to pay by check you can send it along with your mailing details to: SP Kennel, PO Box 16226, Two Rivers, Alaska 99716. Remember to let us know you team member’s name. If you are purchasing a team membership as a Christmas present we recommend you do so before November 15. Let us know by email if you at: SPKDogLog@gmail.com if you wish us to delay displaying the team member’s name on the roster so we don’t spoil the surprise!

Official Team Certificates change every year to show the season of membership. So Join the Team every year and collect them all!