Up Close and Personal

Two twelve dog teams went out from the kennel on a training run yesterday afternoon. It was a gorgeous day to enjoy with 24 SP Kennel dogs running through the local Two Rivers forests and marshes. If you have a hard time picturing this moment… here, let us help you. This video is from Aliy’s handlebar looking behind at the trailing team. Dutch and Junior were in lead and are seen here delightfully skipping along.

View from a Drone

Yes. We had a drone at SP Kennel. We would like to get some more footage while we are out on the trails but we might need to practice a bit more. And oh yea… Mother Nature needs to cooperate. But this first attempt at flying a drone around the kennel was a blast. Thanks William! We are very pleased that #1 it didn’t crash and #2 no one ate it!

As you can tell, some dogs didn’t mind it and some were a bit worried about that “thing” floating above their head.

You will see Aliy hooking up a team during some of the footage. The two dogs in lead are Junior and Commando. Then Aliy puts Izzy’s harness on while she crawls into the musher’s lap. The fourth dog to be harnessed (and wrestled with) was Perky. What made it all the more difficult is Aliy couldn’t stop laughing as Perky barked at her and then the drone ~ all the while wagging his tail so furiously that he almost knocked her over.

Hope you enjoy!

Spark Wins Dog Fan Club Draw

Congratulations to Susan P and Spark who have won this week’s Dog Fan Club draw!

Spark-do-da is one of a kind. He is always ready to please. He loves people, dogs… anyone! When he’s not too busy wagging his tail he is leading the team down the trail. Spark is an extremely talented sled dog and one of our main leaders this season.

Susan wins this gorgeous metal framed print of the Aurora Borealis plus a glam shot of Spark and other kennel goodies. We have had a spectacular season for northern lights so far and we are celebrating that with this week’s prize.

Our next random draw will be on December 22nd.

Thank you all so much for your continued support of the SP Kennel Dog Fan Club. To check out more information about each athlete including race history and fan club members go to our “The Dogs” page and click on each athlete. Remember also that our puppies Cloud, Peach and Razz are now part of the dog fan club!

To join the Dog Fan Club go to the “Get Involved” page or click on the button below:

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Comfort Inn Ship Creek Anchorage

Aliy, Allen and the entire SP Kennel Crew are excited to stay at The Hotel Group’s downtown Anchorage property: Comfort Inn Ship Creek. We have booked our accommodations for several nights prior to the March 4th 2018 Iditarod restart. This hotel will be perfect for the dogs as it is located along Ship Creek and very nearby the Anchorage Coastal Trail. SP Kennel huskys will be able to stretch their legs, lift their legs and romp around with plenty of outdoor property surrounding the hotel.
The dogs will be in Anchorage from Thursday evening until departing for Nome on Sunday morning. Friday is the athletes’ “down day” with planned meals and several excursions. Saturday is the most popular ‘Meet & Greet’ Iditarod event also known as the Iditarod Ceremonial Start. This mass celebration starts at 10AM on 4th Avenue ~ just up the hill from Comfort Inn Ship Creek ~ and continues through the early afternoon. All Iditarod dog teams will mush 11 scenic miles through Alaska’s largest metropolis. Now… that’s a serious ‘Meet & Greet’!

We are very excited that Comfort Inn Ship Creek has sponsored us with comfy rooms that include buffet breakfast (waffles anyone?) and a happy welcome. These will be the last cozy and warm beds that Aliy and Allen will sleep in until arriving in Nome – 1,000 miles away. As you might imagine, it’s never easy to travel with nearly three dozen of your closet canine companions. And, of course, the hotel is dog friendly!

Comfort Inn Ship Creek will be offering a “Friends of SP Kennel” Special Rate. That will be available soon on this website.

Needless to say, a BIG thank you to the folks at The Hotel Group and Comfort Inn Ship Creek! See you soon.

Another Great Sunset

I couldn’t pass up another opportunity for a sunset video. I mean… oh my goodness! Sunsets in Interior Alaska are top notch this year.

Let me know if you are getting sick and tired of sunsets and I’ll stop recording them.

SPK Puppy Update

The threesome are getting bigger. Razz, Cloud and Peach are now 16 and 13 weeks, respectively. They are living outdoors now and rotate through several different kennel pens. Their afternoon ‘Play Pen’ is just off the side of the garage. Quito often visits them and likes to play and cuddle. It is nice for them to have some adult dog interaction. Their evening and night time pen is the ‘Plaza’ which is located just beneath the SP Kennel house. The lights from the dinning room table will light up their pen and their nighttime antics can be heard from Aliy and Allen’s bedroom.

The pups’ personalities are blossoming and each individual is just that… their own dog. This coming week we will start walking them on leashes with the goal is to spend quality time with each pup – one on one.

They love to come indoors. They all try to fit on the small dog bed by the window. They can fit ~ if one lays on top of another. They have plenty of dog toys, bones and kongs to entertain their puppy teeth. They also play chase and tug-o-war. They often lose that game to the SPK ‘Queen of Tug-o-War’, Tig. We are certainly enjoying these three youngsters!

We have added the puppies to the Kennel Roster – you can find them in THE DOGS section now. And if one of these pups if now your fav… you have the chance to BECOME A FAN!

Here is a fun video of the kids ‘sharing’ the dog bed:





Frosted Beef Brownie Bites

Have you ever been to a fine bakery and stared at the display case with a cup of steaming coffee in hand pondering your tasty selection? Well, here at SPK we like to have our dogs experience the same feeling every so often.

Thanks to Jeff, Chris and Padee we have created the perfect “Frosted Beef Brownie Bite”. It is a finely cut slice of beef frosted with a melted fat blend of poultry fat , coconut oil, fish oil, corn oil, canola oil and dried liver digest. This “frosting” gives the dogs over 4,000 calories per pound. Do you think your Sprinkled Butter Cookies would give you the same?

The display “case” here at the kennel is a little less refined but more useful. We can walk through the yard and individually select the size brownie for each dog. Rodney gets a huge piece with extra frosting whereas Felix gets a 3/4 brownie with thin icing (sorry Buddy!) We had a few taste testers sample the goodies before we handed them out yesterday. Thanks to Q.T. and Lydia who gave them “two paws up”.

QT: “Another… please.”
Lydia: “I’d like more frosting.”


Sunset Denali View

This time of year, we truck the dog team up to the BLM White Mountains National Recreation Area  in order to condition them (and us) on long, hilly runs. We also do this to practice packing all of our gear: harnesses, lines, sleds, mittens, etc. Sometimes we remember it all and sometimes… yea… well, no one is perfect.

Last week our goal was to train three teams on a 50 mile out and back. We left Two Rivers early enough but, after stopping for breakfast at Hilltop Fuel Stop and Restaurant – and visiting with both locals and folks driving north or south on the highway – we didn’t get to the trailhead until mid day. Then after messing with sleds, lines, harnesses and assessing what we remembered and what we didn’t… we pulled the hooks and were off… just prior to sunset.

Lucky us, sunset is amazing in the Whites and this afternoon was no exception. I was able to get a quick video of Denali – which lay almost 200 miles to the south – before both my hand and my camera froze. Brrrrrrr. I think it was worth the chill:

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