Portrait Day at the kennel is always very amusing. Each dog, of course, smiles and poses somewhat differently. And in order to get that ‘perfect smile’ or that side angle appearance those of us “grunts” work very hard: We run in circles, squeak toys, toss gloves in the air, open and close the door, do pull ups (okay… maybe that’s a fib), toss kibble in the air, tease biscuits in front of noses… and on.

“TREAT!” Dancer is dancin’
Spark “I’m really a LOVER!”

The other problem is often the glove that is being tossed in order to get that “be in love with the camera” feeling from each canine, is tossed right in front of the lens. No… I mean… RIGHT in front. Those are of course the best shots.

Chevie – “What the…”
Junior “Come on Aliy. Can’t you throw?”

Much of the time patience is really what works in the long run. Is this a lecture? Yes… patience. Give each pooch a chance to assume a position that they are comfortable in and have them focus on Jeanne and her camera lens. But, sometimes the focus isn’t quite on Jeanne. Sometimes a dog is just is happy being themselves and NOT posing.

Outlaw “HOWL!” for me Baby.
Perky FEELING the moment!

Two people generally stand on either side of the dog. Two leashes are sometimes needed, but not always. The “grunts” have to remember that THEY are not the object of the photo shoot. That can be tricky at times. Because as magical as Jeanne can be with photoshop and removing leashes… she can not remove an entry human leg or head from the frame.

Nomex: 2 Big Heads/ one frame!
Five legs might be TOO many,

And of course we have to end with our annual shot of the ONE the ONLY… Tig. Also known as.: The black floppy eared dog that fetches sticks and doesn’t pull.

For those of you who might feel that we are a bit ‘unkind’ to Tig during the Halloween season, take note: she ripped the ghost costume to shreds when she jumped out of the log dog house. Apparently there will be no more ghosts at SPK on Halloween! Party pooper.

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  • Love the outtakes! What a wonderful way to start my Friday. Put a special smile on my face as I have to deal with an IRS auditor today! Thanks bunches, SPK crew.

  • LOL….this was hilarious!!! Put a smile on my face all day….what fun the dogs had….they made you work for those awesome glam shots! Always love the outtakes!

  • My they do really howllllllllll

    But of course, someone, I won’t even try to guess who, might have (or for the holiday whoooooo}, encouraged the sled dog howls!!!

    WOOF WOOF WOOF!!! (Translation: Thanks!)

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