Portrait Day at SP Kennel is fun, exhausting and very, very satisfying. We know that our dog fans love these portraits as much as we do. We promise… you will see them very soon!

Actually, we put aside two days this year for portraits. Jeanne, our photographic magician, flew up to Alaska to get the job done. We can not say enough about her skills as a photographer – how do you do you always take photos and their eyes are open? – a dog person and generally… a good human being. We can not thank her enough. Throughout the two days she always kept her sense of humor – which can be challenging as dog toys, gloves, collars and various dog attention getters were hurled at your head (sorry we hit you that one time!)

We had great helpers: thanks to Jeanne, Jeff, Jeri and Linda.

Chipper is prepared for her session.

The dogs were brought into the dog room, weighed, fitted for a new collar (BLING!) and went over to the ‘make up artists’, if necessary. Then they were ready for “lights and action”. The garage was set up as a studio: flashes, soft box, background and flooring. Each dog was set on ‘a mark’ and asked to line up on a quarter turn. Of course every obliged perfectly. Very few dogs needed only one shot: Barista and Dutch – thank you very much!

Lydia gets her cheeks cleaned

Most needed about half a dozen photographs. Several needed MANY plus a ‘redo’ session: Perky, Rodney and Scooby.

On Day Two much help was needed by the the ‘make up artists’. All dogs ran in harness earlier that morning and the mud puddles were everywhere.

The dogs are used to Portrait Day and they enjoy it. It is often a ‘free for all’ when they come galloping into the dog room for garage for weigh in day, so these two days they needed to show a tad more patience with the studio and lights set up. But even the youngsters: Bronze, Gold and Prata were cooperative. Prata most of all.

Prata her turn waits patiently with her new BFF, Jeff.

Of course, there were many dog treats, biscuits and snacks. Sparky even convinced Linda to share her Nutter Butters. All in all 2017 Portrait Day was a huge success. We now have to make some picture selections and let the editing begin. Jeanne will take a few days at home to look through her work. She will get them back to us ASAP.

New Portraits will be on the Website October 15th along with the start up of the 2017-18 Dog Fan Club



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  • We love Portrait day!!! Look at Lydia and Prata being lap dogs……too cute! Sounds like a lot of work but a lot of FUN!!! Cant wait to see the new pictures!

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