• then I will be satisfied.
    For me, it’s simple:
    do the absolute best that I can do.
    If I can honestly do that ...
  • and dedication are amazing
    Their physical and
    I know very few people who are as tough as a sled dog.
    My dogs are phenomenal.
    mental toughness
  • and myself.
    the strengths of my dogs
    I have learned to trust
  • Our motto has always been:
    more challenging.
    ‘Nothing is Easy.’ I live every day
    thinking that the next will be

Latest posts

CB300: Finish Line Video

Mary-Beth was at the finish line for both Black and Red Team finishes and she captured these videos. Thanks Mary-Beth!   As you will see Aliy led in with Cayenne and Driver in lead!  

CB300: Red Team in Sixth!

Congratulations Aliy, Chena, Tinder, Nomex, QT, Perky, Five, Driver, Bruno, Scooby, Cayenne, Jefe and Chevie!  Sixth place in the Copper Basin! Woohoo! All that inexperience on the team just got a whole lot more experienced! It was a tough race and we are so proud of them. Hearty congratulations also … Read More

CB300: Third Place!

Congratulations to Allen, Commando, Junior, Kodiak, Violet, Dutch, Spark, Iron, Champ, Clyde, Felix, Chipper and Amber. They were pipped into third place by a strong finishing Dan Kaduce and his superb dog team. Allen will be pleased with third place in a very challenging Copper Basin 300! Congrats also to Nic Petit … Read More

CB300: To The Finish!

Can you imagine how hard Allen is ski-poling right now? With all the fresh snow this final leg will be a real slog! The Black Team left right on time and they’re chasing Nic with all their might, and doing what they can to stay in front of Dan and … Read More

CB300: Into Mendeltna

As the teams arrive into Mendeltna for their final rest the top teams have made themselves known. It’s very exciting! Nic Petit is out front and Wes said his team looks great! Allen and Ryne are oh-so-close together – in fact check out their run times for checkpoints in the … Read More

CB300: To Mendeltna They Go

In what would have been an interesting logistical exercise for the handler team, Allen and Aliy left Sourdough two minutes apart. They’re currently travelling fairly closely together. The Black Team has now completed their mandatory six hours (plus differential). Everyone in the top 10 has ticked that off and now … Read More

CB300: Sourdough Update

It looks very much to me like Allen and the Black Team will take their mandatory six hour layover (plus 74 minutes time differential) at Sourdough. I’m pretty pleased with my estimate of 12:30pm for their arrival, their official time into the checkpoint was 12:29pm making their run time for … Read More

CB300: Sourdough!

Allen and the 11-strong Black Team were the first team to arrive at Sourdough checkpoint at roughly 12.30pm this afternoon. Their run time for the 35 miles from Meiers Lake was around 4.5 hours. Hot on is heels is Nic Petit! Aliy and 11 team mates left Meiers Lake checkpoint right … Read More

CB300: Meiers Lake Update

Allen and his team mates have left Meiers Lake checkpoint after around five hours rest. Not sure of official leaving time yet as times have not been updated on the website yet. As mentioned in my last post there is a climb soon after the checkpoint. You will see from … Read More

CB300: Into Meiers Lake Checkpoint

Both teams are now into Meiers Lake Roadhouse Checkpoint! Allen and the Black Team rested at Chistochina for four hours and made the run over with a full team of 12 team mates to Meiers Lake in 7 hours, 50 mins. They were first into the checkpoint at 2:57am and … Read More


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