Reef x Sierra  

D.O.B 8/12/2017

Most Active Puppy

Razz is the most hustle and bustle SPK puppy this season. She seems to constantly be in a hurry (good thing she is a sled dog!) Two of her favorite things are: racing up and down the driveway and playing tag in and around the living room. She likes squeaky toys but mostly during a ‘keep away’ game. Razz is a real beauty and resembles her father’s coloration and facial husky mask.

Razz’s father is Reef, an incredibly impressive, 2 Iditarod Golden Harness Champion from Dallas Seavey’s Kennel. Her mother, Seirra, is a sweetheart Dallas Seavey racing dog. We are thrilled to bring Razz’s lineage into SP Kennel.

RAZZ is Sponsored By Joy & Nick Weis



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