Nacho x StonerĀ 

D.O.B 7/10/2013


“M” is a new athlete at SP Kennel. But she has been in the Two Rivers area her entire life. She has a significant connection to many of the SPK dogs: her father is our one-and-only: Nacho. Her mother is a dog who has successfully competed on Pete Kaiser’s dog team for years. She only came to live at SP Kennel in October 2017.

“M” is learning the system here quickly. She started training this season with the Mature Dogs but has slowly been bumped up to the Race Team. At four years old, we hope that she will be able to fill one of the team dog spots on either a JV race team or perhaps… a winning team? “M” has a lot of potential and has a good attitude. She is not overtly aggressive. “M”s smooth trotting gait enables her to jog down the trail with ease.

“M” is Sponsored By Jennifer Bonilla

Race History:
  • Two Rivers 200/100 (2)


Beth & Mike Metcalf

Julie Scott

Marilyn Cozzens