Biscuit x Quito 

D.O.B 8/7/2011

Wheel / Team

A the site of a harness, Felix squirms and wags his tail like he was still a puppy. But he is fast and dedicated. Now that he is older he can hold his weight and is a ‘Main Man’. Felix will once again be loping along on our winning team.

FELIX is Sponsored By Danielle Carver

Race History:
  • Iditarod (4)
  • Yukon Quest (2)
  • Copper Basin 300 (4)
  • YQ 300 (3)
  • Sheep Mtn 300 (1)
  • Two Rivers 200/100 (1)
  • Two Rivers 50 (1)

Becky Pacas

Joanne Jacobs

Rae Long Memorial