Reef x Sierra  

D.O.B 8/12/2017

Best Puppy Cuddler

Cloud is the leggiest of the three SPK puppies this season. Perhaps her bright ‘stand out’ white husky coat makes her seem even taller. She is active and certainly keeps up with her sisters, but she enjoys a prolonged cuddle more than the other two. Cloud is also the chatty one. She will keep ‘talking’ as she mouth wrestles squeaky toys or dog bones. She is one of those kids who ‘never shuts up’.

Cloud’s father is Reef, an incredibly impressive, 2 Iditarod Golden Harness Champion from Dallas Seavey’s Kennel. Her mother, Seirra, is a sweetheart Dallas Seavey racing dog. We are thrilled to bring Cloud’s lineage into SP Kennel.

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Nancy Steinhauser

Marilyn Cozzens