Nacho x Olivia 

D.O.B 7/21/2013


Chena is an extremely bashful and humble lead dog but she is incredibly smart and quick. She dos not care for the crazy harness energy that many of her siblings exhibit – she thinks it ‘beneath her’. She would like to curl up on the couch after every training run. We love this about you Chena!

CHENA is Sponsored By Margaret & Alfred Wirtenberg

Race History:
  • Iditarod (2)
  • Copper Basin 300 (2)
  • YQ 300 (2)
  • Nome/Council 200 (1)
  • Two Rivers 200/100 (3)
  • Two Rivers 50 (2)

Becky Pacas

Becky Green

Marilyn Cozzens

Erica Miller

Christine Grabowski

Mary Lynn Roush