Northern Lights. Twisting trails. Cold air and beautiful mountains covered in snow. Your dogs ahead of you.

This is YOUR team, YOUR adventure.

But which team are YOU?

Choose wisely.

Are YOU the Red Team or the Black Team?



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For $100, you can become an SP Kennel Red Team member and $50 will see you a Black Team member.

To thank you will receive a Red Team or Black Team mounted print using the stunning images by Julien Schroder of and designed by Jack Hintz. You’ll also get a personalized team membership certificate.

Aliy and the SP Kennel Crew are easily recognisable out and about by their iconic red beanies! For those of you who don’t already have one or wish to have another, you can choose an upgraded membership pack that includes a red (for Red Team) or black (for Black Team) beanie. If you would like to add one to your package, for an extra $15 you can choose the “Upgraded Membership” option. Note: beanies are not available on their own, you can only get one through the upgraded team membership.

We clear the rosters of Red and Black Team members at the start of each season in October, then add team members to the new season’s list. Team membership packets are sent out starting in November until the end of March.

If you are purchasing a team membership as a Christmas present we recommend you do so before November 15. Let us know by email at if you wish us to delay displaying the team member’s name on the roster so we don’t spoil the surprise!

Official Team Certificates change every year to show the season of membership. So, Join The Team every year and collect them all!

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