Barista Wins Fan Club Draw

Sincere thanks to everyone that has become a member of our Dog Fan Club. It is just so neat to us that you love our dogs like we do and you are willing to join their fan club to show your support. Congratulations to Carol Griffiths who is a fan of … Read More

New Team Cards with Portraits

The new team cards will be up shortly but here is a sneak peek! We think you will agree that Jeanne has, as always, done a fantastic job of capturing personalities in these pictures. Thanks Jeanne! As always, the yearlings, who were of course puppies from last year, give us … Read More

Big Puddles

Winter is NOT here in Two Rivers yet. We still have plenty of big puddles and the dogs are happy about them. Mismo and Izzy lead a 14 dog team through many on a 2 hour training run this morning. (Team: Mismo & Izzy, Five & Tinder, Spark & Lydia, … Read More

New Log Homes

Scout has a new custom Alaskan log home. For you diehard Scout fans… please note: Scout spends more time on his Thermarest dog bed in the living room than at his new log home. But when you’ve reached the premier sled dog status that he has, you’ve earned several residences. … Read More

New Website on the Horizon

We apologize for the lack of content on the Dog Log! But… have all been scurrying around and working diligently on our NEW website. On October 1st the new website will be active. You will be able to link to it the same as you always have – so no … Read More

Going Well: Fall Training

In some areas of interior Alaska the fall colors are at their peak. In and around Two Rivers, the reds have faded but the yellows are still gorgeous.

Lead On Workshop

Rachel, Aliy and Megan in White Mountain. Matson and I are part of a program that focuses on reducing domestic violence and sexual assault in Alaska. Our goal was to enable youth from bush Alaska to attend an educational workshop: Lead On! The workshop focuses on youth personal empowerment and … Read More

Where is Mac?

Now that the ‘Dog Page’ on the Dog Log is somewhat unavailable on line, it is not as easy to follow the stories while looking at the individual dog portraits and stats. We hope to fix that when the new website comes on line. But… until then: Who is currently … Read More

Western Alaska Recap

This is Aliy… checking in. The trip was amazing. Seriously amazing. I was extremely fortunate to be welcomed with open arms and big smiles to Golovin, Elim and White Mountain. It is hard to talk about each village in one post because they are three unique towns with their own … Read More

First Day in Harness for this Season

September 1st and it was 43 degrees F at 5:45AM. (That’s 6 degrees C.) Perfect for Fall training. Only Nutmeg, Bullet and Tig sat out this morning. Aliy, Allen, Wes and Jeff plus every other canine at SP Kennel took part in the training. Some of the older, yet active … Read More

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