Pretty trail, pretty dogs

There have been some amazing views from our dog sleds this season! First Photo is cute with Perky looking at the camera. 😃 The second photo is Ginger and Daisy in Lead (L – R) then Chevie and Creamer (L – R) then Bruno and Jefe (L – R.)

It’s a new year!

Remember to celebrate the old and enjoy the new! On our last day of the year we went on a long training run starting just after noon. We traveled west of the kennel and then somewhat south. The sun set as we went along. GORGEOUS! Then we swung south of … Read More

Up Close and Personal

Two twelve dog teams went out from the kennel on a training run yesterday afternoon. It was a gorgeous day to enjoy with 24 SP Kennel dogs running through the local Two Rivers forests and marshes. If you have a hard time picturing this moment… here, let us help you. … Read More

Another Great Sunset

I couldn’t pass up another opportunity for a sunset video. I mean… oh my goodness! Sunsets in Interior Alaska are top notch this year. Let me know if you are getting sick and tired of sunsets and I’ll stop recording them.

Sunset Denali View

This time of year, we truck the dog team up to the BLM White Mountains National Recreation Area  in order to condition them (and us) on long, hilly runs. We also do this to practice packing all of our gear: harnesses, lines, sleds, mittens, etc. Sometimes we remember it all … Read More

Snowy Sled Ride

Here is a video from a training run just to the east of Two Rivers:

We have snow!

Winter has recently settled in at the kennel with several inches of snow covering the ground. There are still some deep unfrozen puddles hiding under the white. Some team members do their best to tippy-toe around the water: Prata and Spark. And some team members don’t have a care in … Read More