CB300: They’re Off!

Woohoo! Both teams are on the trail heading towards Chistochina checkpoint some 49 miles away! Conditions were perfect for racing – it was around -4F as they were getting ready to leave. The view towards the mountains was clear as can be. First off was Allen and his Black Team. … Read More

CB300: Team Rosters

There is always some athletes left behind from a race and in this case either they are resting to get over a twinge, are sitting out ready for the Yukon Quest or were just not up for a 300 mile race yet. Moira and Wendy will take some out for … Read More

CB300: Check In From Glennallen

The teams have arrived safely to Glennallen! It was a non-eventful drive down, which is exactly what you want with such precious cargo on board. Aliy snapped these two pics of sunrise near Paxson. First stop was to hand over the drop bags to the volunteers for distribution to the … Read More

Copper Basin Pre-Game and Coverage Guide

We love the Copper Basin 300! We have had great fun and great success at this race and the team looking forward to getting down to Glennallen today and preparing to race tomorrow! We have two teams entered in this year’s CB300 – Allen will take the Black Team and … Read More

Gear Up The Dogs Launch!

Do you want to help us Gear Up The Dogs for the coming racing season? We often say that “it takes a village” to run a dog kennel but it also can take a thousand and one little parts to make the equation add up. How do we keep the … Read More

Trail Work

The mushing trails throughout Alaska as well as the Yukon Territory are constantly changing. Mother Nature is a powerful force in both the summer and winter. Summer storms and flood will often wash out sections of trail and make them impassable the following winter. Winter freezing and thawing temperatures as … Read More

It’s Race Time!

In the next few months there will be quite a few Sled Dog races. The races that SP Kennel has entered are listed in the ‘About SP Kennel‘ page. We hope for good snow conditions throughout Alaska as well as around the ‘sled dog world’ so that the racing season … Read More

TR 50 Race Recap

Everyone was excited about the first race of the season. A special thanks to the TRDMA volunteers – you were a ‘thin’ dedicated crew! And, of course, no race would be the same without Becky and Alex Alexander and Pleasant Valley Store. The variety of huskys, mushers and race goals … Read More

TR50: Congrats Teams!

Woohoo! Congratulations to our three SPK teams! Allen and his Black Team of Commando, Junior, Felix, Champ, Chipper, Amber, Iron, Clyde, Nomex, Spark and rookie racer “M” finished in THIRD PLACE. Aliy and her Ted Team of Chena, Dutch, Driver, Mismo, Daisy, Tinder, Violet, Scooby, Five, Ernie and Lydia finished in … Read More

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