YQ: On the March to Eagle

It was absolutely gorgeous out last night!  The half moon is still hanging in the sky but not so bright as to block out the carpet of stars.  This is what Allen and the Black Team have been mushing under on his way to the town of Eagle, Alaska.  Through … Read More

YQ: The Long Way Around

While the mushers and their teams mush from Circle to Eagle then on to Dawson they cover around 300 miles of trail. The handler crews can’t go that way, it is inaccessible by road during the winter. We get to go on a road trip! From Circle we double back … Read More

YQ: Black Team In Circle

Circle City checkpoint is the furtherest North we can support the team by dog truck. Once teams leave here we don’t see them again for a couple of days, after they’ve mushed 300 miles. The checkpoint is the Circle City fire house. The famous fire truck is housed here and … Read More

YQ: Handler Crew

Who’s handling for the team? And what do they do? Handling on the Alaska side of Two Rivers, Mile 101, Central and Circle is Jeff, Mark, Sheila and Moira. Dawson City support crew will be Aliy, Jeff, Bridgett and Moira then for the Yukon checkpoints of Pelly, Carmacks, Braeburn and … Read More

YQ: Central To Circle and Beyond

The trail from Central to Circle can be a frustrating one for mushers and dogs. They spend hours and hours on Birch Creek which winds and meanders for around 50 miles and can become a bit monotonous. This section can lead to apparent tracker anomalies. It may look like teams … Read More

YQ: Central Checkpoint

After the Two Rivers checkpoint, Allen and his 14 team mates climbed over Rosebud by the light of the 3/4 moon. Allen said the climb was “great” (Allen never really is one to use four words when one will do). They pulled into Mile 101 checkpoint around 4:50am. They came … Read More

YQ: Heading Over the Hills

Rosebud. Such a sweet name for one heckuva hill. Rosebud Summit is the peak between Two Rivers checkpoint and Mile 101. It takes the teams from the Chena River Valley up and over to the Birch Creek Valley. It has an elevation of 3,640ft and when the race goes from … Read More

YQ: Black Team On The Trail

Our 15 athletes are on the trail heading towards the first checkpoint of Two Rivers. We have very excited and relieved to have them leave, drama free, after weeks and months of preparation. The start at the Morris Thompson Cultural Centre was expertly organised, once again, by the Quest logistics … Read More

YQ: Black Team Roster

Today was the day for final tasks and finishing touches. To the dogs, Allen’s sled and the dog truck that has to do a couple thousand miles over the next couple weeks. Jeff brought each dog in to the dog room one-by-one and gave them a thorough going over. He … Read More

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