YQ: It’s A Long Road To Pelly Crossing, It’s A Long Way To Go

This morning at 8.30am we said farewell to Allen and his 14-strong team as they headed out of Dawson towards Pelly Crossing, 210 miles away. The morning started with an early wake-up call. Jeff, who was stationed at camp overnight, Aliy and Bridgett started preparing the team. They ate voraciously … Read More

YQ: What Happens in Dawson, Stays in Dawson

So what do we do during the 36 hour layover for our team? After their arrival, meal and massage we let the the dogs sleep. It’s still really cold in Dawson so they hunkered down under their blankets and slept soundly. Around hour eight we woke them for another warm … Read More

YQ: Dawson Arrival Video

Here’s some video from the Dawson chute last night. Commando and Dutch, Spark and Kodiak, Clyde and Champ, Rodney and Five, Nomex and Driver, Junior and Chena with Violet and Felix in wheel.

YQ: “We Endured”

We are so happy and relieved to see all those beautiful faces looking so happy, trotting down the chute to meet us. They all looked fantastic and Allen was even coherent which, after just 3.5 hours sleep since Saturday, was amazing! Commando and Dutch led the team into the chute … Read More

YQ: Awaiting Dawson Arrival

As I write this, the team is traveling up the Yukon River towards Dawson with 16 miles to go. They spent over four hours at Clinton Creek hospitality stop enjoying the warmth and fellowship before their final run to the halfway point. It has remained more than (less than? Colder … Read More

YQ: Dawson City Camp Set-Up

What does a handler crew do when waiting for their team to arrive into Dawson? Make a dog camp that is as cozy and welcoming as possible. This morning we headed back to camp to complete the work we started last night. As mentioned in a previous post, the camp … Read More

YQ: Climbing Eagle Summit – Video

Here is some awesome video that Bridgett, Jennifer and Scotty got after they climbed Eagle Summit themselves on foot to capture their Dad and the team successfully summiting. In the first view you can see just how hard the dogs and, indeed, Allen are working up the steep slope. Right … Read More

YQ: Dawson City Handler Check-in

As Allen and the Black Team continue towards Dawson, we (the handler crew) have arrived. After we said farewell to the team in Circle they travelled 60 miles to Slaven’s Roadhouse where Allen rested the team around five hours. Slaven’s always has exceptional hospitality for the mushers and Allen was … Read More

YQ: Black Team In Eagle

Allen and the 14 dogs arrived at the Eagle Checkpoint at 11:10 am AKST! This is the last stop before heading down the snow covered road to Dawson City. Here are some photos from Eagle Summit taken by Jennifer Smith.

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