Iditarod / Dallas Seavey SP Kennel Statement

Understandably, SP Kennel family, friends and fans want to know what Aliy and Allen think about the Iditarod / Dallas Seavey controversy.  Aliy released a written statement to the media on October 23, 2017. The statement is here: I will tell you that I have always known Dallas Seavey as an honest … Read More

What’s on the Horizon?

Of course, like everyone else in the world, those of us at SPK have a lot going on right now. Some of it gets us down, some is terribly exciting and some is just daily trudge. We plan to keep our heads up, keep living the honest and true lives … Read More

Another reason to love these DOGS

Sled dogs run and pull. They love it. It is part of their being and they do it every chance they get. So when Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association decided to have a 5K Canicross Event, many of us at SPK thought: “Oh my. Let’s do it!” Even Allen’s daughters, … Read More

Dog Fan Club is Open!

We know how much you love our dogs! You can now join their fan clubs! Can’t pick just one? No problem – you can join them all!  Every two weeks (or more often, depending on what is going on) we make a random draw of all fan club members for … Read More

New Team Cards with Portraits

The new team cards will be up shortly but here is a sneak peek! We think you will agree that Jeanne has, as always, done a fantastic job of capturing personalities in these pictures. Thanks Jeanne! As always, the yearlings, who were of course puppies from last year, give us … Read More

2017 Portrait Day

Portrait Day at SP Kennel is fun, exhausting and very, very satisfying. We know that our dog fans love these portraits as much as we do. We promise… you will see them very soon! Actually, we put aside two days this year for portraits. Jeanne, our photographic magician, flew up … Read More

Welcome to the New Face of SP Kennel

The SPK Dog Log has been a place for people to truly become part of our team. You’ve seen our ups and downs, and all the ins and outs of running a world class competitive sled dog kennel in Alaska. You’ve also been our most ardent supporters and teammates, keeping … Read More

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