Nomex Wins Dog Fan Club Draw #2

  Thank you all, again, for joining the Dog Fan Club. Congratulations to Jennifer Smith who has won today’s draw. Jennifer is a fan of a number of our dogs and Nomex’s name came out of the virtual hat! We will send Jennifer a winter neck gaiter with the SP … Read More

Waylon and Torch’s Excellent Adventure

Waylon and Torch have retired from SP Kennel! It is always a big decision for us to retire someone and especially someone as iconic as Waylon or with as much potential as Torch. Check out this story (click on red link) for some more information about dogs that have been … Read More

Training at Night

Now that the sun is taking a vacation from the Northern Hemisphere, we find that we are often training dogs in the darkness. Of course we use headlights and other artificial lightings. But, even more special than that, the moon is our friend. The moon was full just a few … Read More

We have snow!

Winter has recently settled in at the kennel with several inches of snow covering the ground. There are still some deep unfrozen puddles hiding under the white. Some team members do their best to tippy-toe around the water: Prata and Spark. And some team members don’t have a care in … Read More

Recent Retirees

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed a few dogs missing from the Team Cards / Fan Club page so we thought we would get everyone up to date with all the recent retirees. (Click on the red links on their names to take you to stories we already have … Read More

Woody’s New Mission

At five years old we decided it was time for Woody to move to his new life. Those following us for the last couple of seasons will know that Woody and Chris formed a really strong bond and became the best of mates. Woody is now living full-time with Chris. … Read More

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