YQ: Almost Here

Never one to want to jinx anything or speak too soon, all I will say is that currently, Allen,¬†Commando, Dutch, Spark, Kodiak, Clyde, Champ, Rodney, Five, Driver, Nomex, Junior, Chena, Felix and Violet are less than 25 miles from the finish. They are on Lake Lebarge now, and will take … Read More

YQ: Our Athletes

Who are our athletes that are on the way to Whitehorse? Commando Commando has always been a focussed and talented dog even since he was a puppy. Allen loves him because he is fast. He is a powerful and driven lead dog and has been in lead for the entire … Read More

Razz, Rodney and Spark – Dog Fan Club Winners

Congratulations to Linda Bogue who is a fan of RAZZ, Jane Smith who is a fan of RODNEY and SPARK fan Crystal Windgassen! You have won today’s Dog Fan Club Draw and will receive a signed copy of the 2018 Yukon Quest Race Annual and a Quest patch, a glam … Read More

YQ: Athletes’ Faces

During my visit to the dog camp today I tried to get pictures of everyone but some were already settling in for a nap. Apologies to Junior, she was already asleep under her blanket when I tried to take her picture – I didn’t want to disturb her so I … Read More

YQ: What Happens in Dawson, Stays in Dawson

So what do we do during the 36 hour layover for our team? After their arrival, meal and massage we let the the dogs sleep. It’s still really cold in Dawson so they hunkered down under their blankets and slept soundly. Around hour eight we woke them for another warm … Read More

YQ: Dawson City Camp Set-Up

What does a handler crew do when waiting for their team to arrive into Dawson? Make a dog camp that is as cozy and welcoming as possible. This morning we headed back to camp to complete the work we started last night. As mentioned in a previous post, the camp … Read More

YQ: Black Team Roster

Today was the day for final tasks and finishing touches. To the dogs, Allen’s sled and the dog truck that has to do a couple thousand miles over the next couple weeks. Jeff brought each dog in to the dog room one-by-one and gave them a thorough going over. He … Read More

Triple Dog Fan Club Draw – YQ

Congratulations to Mary Crowley who is a fan of NACHO, the Beveren Family who are fans of CHEVIE and CHENA fan Becky Green. You are all winners of today’s random Dog Fan Club Draw. You’ll each receive this phenomenal Yukon Quest poster signed by Aliy and Allen plus some other … Read More

YQ: Pre-Race Vet Checks

Yesterday afternoon we took 16 Yukon Quest athletes for their pre-race veterinarian checks. Around nine volunteer vets, six student and another half dozen vet-techs, plus several volunteers, were on hand to give each athlete a thorough exam. I spoke with Dr Nina Hansen, the Head Veterinarian for the Yukon Quest, … Read More

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