Snowy Sled Ride

Here is a video from a training run just to the east of Two Rivers:

Introducing “M”

We have another exciting new addition to the kennel. Let us introduce you her. Meet “M”: Four years ago, Nacho was mated with good kennel friends’ girl Stoner, who now races on Pete Kaiser’s Iditarod Team. Today we welcome one of their offspring “M”. You may think M is an … Read More

Nomex Wins Dog Fan Club Draw #2

  Thank you all, again, for joining the Dog Fan Club. Congratulations to Jennifer Smith who has won today’s draw. Jennifer is a fan of a number of our dogs and Nomex’s name came out of the virtual hat! We will send Jennifer a winter neck gaiter with the SP … Read More


Because, in life, best laid plans don’t always come to fruition. The truth is we did a calculated breeding this summer… but it didn’t produce any offspring. Then the summer months got the best of us and zoomed on by. In the Fall, as we realized that our of overall … Read More

Waylon and Torch’s Excellent Adventure

Waylon and Torch have retired from SP Kennel! It is always a big decision for us to retire someone and especially someone as iconic as Waylon or with as much potential as Torch. Check out this story (click on red link) for some more information about dogs that have been … Read More

Training at Night

Now that the sun is taking a vacation from the Northern Hemisphere, we find that we are often training dogs in the darkness. Of course we use headlights and other artificial lightings. But, even more special than that, the moon is our friend. The moon was full just a few … Read More

Photoshoot Out takes

Portrait Day at the kennel is always very amusing. Each dog, of course, smiles and poses somewhat differently. And in order to get that ‘perfect smile’ or that side angle appearance those of us “grunts” work very hard: We run in circles, squeak toys, toss gloves in the air, open … Read More

Barista Wins Fan Club Draw

Sincere thanks to everyone that has become a member of our Dog Fan Club. It is just so neat to us that you love our dogs like we do and you are willing to join their fan club to show your support. Congratulations to┬áCarol Griffiths who is a fan of … Read More

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