How are they Doing? New Year Dog Stats

The 3 yearlings from last summer: Gold, Prata and Bronze are healthy and happy. They have learned all about team work and focus. They were in steady Fall training into the beginning of winter. In mid November when the Adult Racers were bumped up in mileage training runs, these youngsters … Read More

Trail Work

The mushing trails throughout Alaska as well as the Yukon Territory are constantly changing. Mother Nature is a powerful force in both the summer and winter. Summer storms and flood will often wash out sections of trail and make them impassable the following winter. Winter freezing and thawing temperatures as … Read More

Pretty trail, pretty dogs

There have been some amazing views from our dog sleds this season! First Photo is cute with Perky looking at the camera. 😃 The second photo is Ginger and Daisy in Lead (L – R) then Chevie and Creamer (L – R) then Bruno and Jefe (L – R.)

And the winner is… PEACH!

Thanks to everyone who voted in the “Who Wears it Best?” puppy competition. There were various ‘in house’ favorites and several $5 bets here at SP Kennel. We were thrilled to see that you were as excited about the competition as we were. There was a very clear WINNER and it … Read More

It’s a new year!

Remember to celebrate the old and enjoy the new! On our last day of the year we went on a long training run starting just after noon. We traveled west of the kennel and then somewhat south. The sun set as we went along. GORGEOUS! Then we swung south of … Read More

It’s Race Time!

In the next few months there will be quite a few Sled Dog races. The races that SP Kennel has entered are listed in the ‘About SP Kennel‘ page. We hope for good snow conditions throughout Alaska as well as around the ‘sled dog world’ so that the racing season … Read More

Who Wears it Best?

People Magazine was too busy with silly Hollywood their “end of the year” articles to publish our Snow Man Puppy Sweater Who Wears it Best? photo competition… so we decided to have the competition ‘in house’. Each of our puppies; Cloud, Peach and Razz; are shown here in alphabetical order … Read More

TR 50 Race Recap

Everyone was excited about the first race of the season. A special thanks to the TRDMA volunteers – you were a ‘thin’ dedicated crew! And, of course, no race would be the same without Becky and Alex Alexander and Pleasant Valley Store. The variety of huskys, mushers and race goals … Read More

Iditarod Hotel Reservations

While Aliy and Allen were in Anchorage last week they were able to book their rooms for Iditarod with Comfort Inn Ship Creek. This dog friendly (and people friendly) hotel is excited about partnering with SP Kennel for the busy race week. SP Kennel handling crew will have the dogs’ … Read More

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