Off they go for one final run to the finish line in the 2018 Yukon Quest. They left in first position, five hours ahead of Matt Hall.

Allen left with all 14 of his team mates: Commando, Dutch, Spark, Kodiak, Clyde, Champ, Rodney, Five, Driver, Nomex, Junior, Chena, Felix and Violet and they are making good pace down the trail.

Their start was stuttered due to having to wait for traffic on the Klondike to clear, but once on the other side, with a tangle or two sorted, the embarked on their last run.

The trail from Braeburn to Whitehorse is new for everyone – they are all rookies on this trail. The teams can’t run the normal route due to little snow resulting in no cushioning and a very, very rough trail. Instead, they head about 15 miles back on the trail they came in on to Coglan Lake then turn south. There is about 12 miles of brush trail then the teams travel for 30 miles on Lake Lebarge before the finish.

Aliy took this picture of Lake Lebarge when she flew over on Saturday – you can see the Yukon exiting the lake to the right.

Keep an eye on the tracker and YQ Facebook Page for more.

Run like the wind little doggies!

Very poor internet here (I’m out in the carpark again) so once we get back into Whitehorse I will give you more info.

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  • Lots of well wishers riding with you Allen and team. Take yourselves down the trail to the finish. Travel safe, enjoy the ride.

  • Wow! All 15 SPK Black team members still on the trail to the finish! Allen is an amazing caretaker.
    Got to get back to the tracker.
    Allen is approaching Vebjorn headed in the opposite direction on that reroute you mentioned.
    I hope it goes smoothly.
    Thank you for the update.
    Woohoo 15!

  • This is it! Go Allen and Black Team. Wishing you safe travels. Thanks Moira and handler crew for you have done to keep the team moving and cleaning up the sites. Safe travels for you also.

  • so close and yet so far lets all send positive vibes allen heads in right direction .Allen and wonderful doggies do not deserve to lose this race they have done great

  • This news is better than a cup of coffee to wake up to!! At this point he has a little over 30 mikes to go!! I hope they are all excited and doing well. Go Black Team, GO!! Thank you Moira and crew for all YOU have done to support the team and include the fans on this incredible Quest.
    The Straw Ladies

  • This has been an exceptional race for the 15 members of the Black team. To finish with 14 dogs is a testament to Allen and his love & care for the dogs. So proud . The pictures the past couple of posts have been awesome. Thanks Moira for working so hard to get information to fans. Hopefully I can see the team finish before I have to go to work.

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