What does a handler crew do when waiting for their team to arrive into Dawson? Make a dog camp that is as cozy and welcoming as possible.

This morning we headed back to camp to complete the work we started last night.

As mentioned in a previous post, the camp is not over the river this year so the camp ground set up was new for everyone. There are not the trees that we are accustomed to so it was an exercise in ingenuity to set up a stand alone shelter. There are some pretty tricked-out shelters and camp sites but we’ve gone with the old KISS philosophy and kept it simple.

First task last night was shovelling several cubic feet of snow to get a flat, packed surface for both the dog shelter and the arctic oven tent for the handlers. We brought several 2x2s with us to build a temporary frame to stretch a large tarpaulin over and secured one end with ropes to a lone tree and the other to some grader blades that the logistics team had dotted around the camp ground for us to use.

This morning we layered plenty of straw and laid out blankets and coats ready for the team to arrive.

The handler accommodations are equally as cozy. We have a 12×12 arctic oven with a cot and -60F sleeping bag. We have a small (ventilated) propane heater to keep them from freezing. Once the team arrives into camp someone will be with them the entire time to ensure they are safe, happy and content.

We laid out all the kibble and meat snacks we sent via drop bags and organised the camp for efficient and effective use for the 36 hours. We think our athletes will be pretty happy here.

Now all we can do is wait…

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  • Oh to be a dog on Allens Team right now….heading into Dog Camp HEAVEN! Chemo says “Lucky Dogs”!

    Love the pictures….looks like you all had some fun even though it was a lot of work! Allen is executing a perfect “first half”, so there is reason for the smiles, along with the fact you all get to see some smiling faces you have not seen in a while! Cant wait to read the post about “the reuinon” at Dawson Dog Camp!

  • Happily waiting! Great set-up as usual. Happy Dogs = Happy Allen = Happy Aliy = awww, you get it. Such a great race!

  • Love the SP Kennel “Flag”!! The shelter looks welcoming and it is good to know that the athletes will be attended at all times. Y’all look a little frosty 🙂

  • Awesome work!
    I’m so excited, it looks like 15 team members are headed to Dawson. Its fantastic to get all 14 pups all the way to the Dawson doggie spa. They will all remember the wonderful experience there. Soon to be with more loving family members.
    Woohoo SPK Black team, including all the handlers!

  • Thanks ever so much for this tour of the camp out!!!

    Less rural, more a suburban subdivision layout this year, and the “flag” is perfect!!!

    It is like a “model unit” in some housing project (or “estate” as they say across the pond).

    “See the main house with views at both ends, wall to wall carpeting and an in-law apartment inside the domed midget tennis court next to it” – what a wonderful place to stay in Dawson City, Yukon Territory!!!


  • Hey Moira you are impressive and you guys have really stepped up your game this year to keep us informed ! Thats it!! Like you said KISS (keep it simple. )GO SPK !!

  • You have provided 1st class accommodations..nothing but the best for the SPK athletes. Enjoying all the pic’s and updates. Eat hardy and rest well. You folks are the BEST!!!

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