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  • Allen (and SPK),

    I first started following sled dog racing because I love dogs. Then I followed SPK because I heard Aliy speak at a fund raiser and realized she was special. Then over the years, I learned that both of you, together, is what makes SPK special.

    So often, still, my focus is on the dogs. I see Commando and think of the first time I walked the dog yard after he had been moved out of the puppy section into the grown up section and realized he was a winner. I think of shy Chena, our own energetic dancing girl, Dancer, before I think of you and all that you do.

    You are the quiet man behind the scenes, “Getting it done.”

    But I want to take time now to acknowledge your skill, commitment to the well-being of the dogs, and just plain smarts in running these races. You are amazing and I am so grateful that I connected with this kennel and all the people that keep it going.

    I hope the YQ vets finally acknowledge how really extraordinary you are in dog care in a very tough race, but if they don’t, in my opinion no one else came near you in terms of devotion, care and love for their team.

  • Congratulations. What an awesome threesome in this winners picture. Of course, the whole team was out of this world on this trip. Almost unreal, like tireless cyborgs. What a testament to Aliy’s experience as Alaskan Huskie dog whisperer. Allen, you’re an outstanding “driver”, you’ve got the cruise control thing down. What a super-loaded-plate of Spaghetti can do for a home-run;-) Can’t wait to see what those furies can do for Aliy’s much deserved Iditarod win. With these dogs, she’ll be flying down the southern route. Thank you for being the consummate ambassadors for the sport of dog-mushing! May God continue to bless you and your kennel. Much love from Wyoming!

  • Yeah for Allen and team. We’ve been cheering for you all the way down the trail from here in Montana. Well done; now rest , eat and don’t think about the Iditarod for a little while .


    So cool!!!

    So ultimately deserving. Modest musher, strength in team and a Commando up front…how can you miss?

    Sincerest congratulations on a race so well run – to all 2 and 4 legged team members and crew!!!

  • Went in late to town to watch this finish! So proud of this team and how amazing a feeling I get when you all cross the finish line. This was your race, Allen, and you owned it! Congrats!
    Now, rest up, feet up, enjoy your rewards, eat lots and we’ll see you down to the next finish line!

  • Congratulations!!! Dutch and Commando are smiling in this picture and they look so proud of themselves, as they should be! Fantastic run Allen and Black Team! Woo Hoo! It’s a happy day!

  • Allen deserves multiple accolades for a first-place finish with all 14 starting dogs. He is a supreme dog whisperer, trainer, and athlete.

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