The team arrives into Braeburn looking happy
Team settling in for a rest as the vet team looks on
Allen fetches water

Leigh and the biggest plate of spaghetti I’ve seen for one person!
Members of the Canadian Rangers trail team about to set off on the final trail – thanks guys!

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  • Wow, that is one good looking team! You would never know that they have just covered 900 miles and a few mountain passes. I am so happy for SPK that this race is a dream come true. Best wishes for the final leg.

  • Those are fantastic pictures! Thanks for sharing! My favorite was the team coming into Braeburn. It is great that the team looks so happy after running such a long way. GO SPK!

  • Thanks for the pictures Moira. The team look like they are comfortable. Wow! that is a nice plate of yummy spaghetti. Bet Allen enjoyed that to the last bite. Thanks Leigh and crew for taking care of the mushers and handlers. Go SPK.

  • A family plate of spaghetti, lol, enjoy Allen.
    800+ miles under the harness, and they certainly do look happy.
    Yep, Comando, we see you up front still. Ya look great!
    Awesome pics!

  • Well they certainly don’t fool ya….the feed ya at Braeburn Checkpoint! A nice meal, some sleep for both Musher and Dogs….and then its the last big push!

    I’m always impressed with the hospitality at each checkpoint….you can tell these folks really love this race!

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