It was so exciting this morning to get down to Shipyard Creek to greet our 2018 Yukon Quest Champions.

It’s a warm 30F and snowy in Whitehorse today. Such a huge temperature shift from just a few days ago in Dawson. The cooler weather is better for the dogs so this warm spell coming over will make for slower trails.

Congratulations Allen, Commando, Dutch, Spark, Kodiak, Clyde, Champ, Rodney, Five, Driver, Nomex, Junior, Chena, Felix and Violet on a masterful display. It was really emotional to watch them come down the chute and cross the line in first place. It all came together beautifully.

The dogs are a blur of awesomeness

I don’t know the statistics but there must be very few people who have ever won the Quest with all the dogs they started with. I believe Sonny Lindner did it in the first ever Quest.

On the way downtown, we stopped by the store to pick up the Champion Steaks for the finish line. All the dogs wolfed down their treat, except Spark who took his time and delicately chewed his, enjoying every mouthful. Champ even stole the steak right out of Clyde’s mouth! (Don’t worry, Clyde got another one!)

While Allen answered some media questions we got to give face rubs and kisses to our 14 champs while they enjoyed the applause and attention.

Back at the truck the dogs enjoyed a watery, meaty meal, more snacks and received massage and foot ointment, and lots of love. They went into their boxes happily for a sleep for a few hours. We will get them up shortly to stretch out and pee before they head home later tonight with Bridgett and Jeff.

We got Allen back to the hotel for his eggs and bacon breakfast then a nap. Allen and Moira stay in Whitehorse for the banquet and other meetings and events then Aliy will join us later in the week.

What an amazing 9 days it has been. Thanks for following along with us. Stay tuned…




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  • Congrats to Allen, 14 super star 4 legged athletes and the best handler team there is!!! I finally got to watch a live finish and it was so exciting to see the dogs come across the line with smiles on there faces and tails wagging. Great smiles for Allen and wonderful pictures with Commando and Dutch.
    Get some well deserved rest everyone.


  • It has been a beautiful ride! Thankx to everyone who took the time to bring us all the photos and updates on Allen’s Big Adventure. And the dogs said…’ forget medium well ! just give us the steaks raw! . One for the memory books. Thank you SP team.

  • Fantastic job Allen and the 14 SPK dogs for coming in first place!! Thanks for sharing the video. The dogs look so happy! 😀 Finishing with all 14 dogs is amazing!
    SPK is full of incredible, talented athletes!

  • Wonderful pictures as always. However, I still want a picture of Moira out in the car park with her arms in the air “divining” for a cell signal. I’ve had more chuckles about that! Surly someone got one? Moira, did you take a selfie??

  • This has been a fun adventure to watch for sure! Thanks, Moira, for doing such a great job keeping us updated. I am glad Aliy will be able to get there to help celebrate a wonderful team victory! SPK does it right and it shows!! Sweet dreams Allen and pups!

  • Perfectly run race Allen…..SO proud of SPK!! Love the picture of Allen about to pass out in a nice comfy bed…you deserve it man! 14 dogs at the finish…freaking amazing! I have been smiling all day! Well done Black Team!

  • Congrats again Allen and team. You beat the cold weather, hills and rivers together; all of you prancing into Whitehorse together. What an amazing journey. Enjoy your well earned rest.

  • Safe travels home Bridgett and Jeff and thanks for taking such good care of the athletes. It’s so awesome that you didn’t have a dropped dog in the truck the entire race. Kudos to the crew!

  • Well done is right. I cheered out loud. What a spectacular race run by the SPK Black Team. WOW. You couldn’t have planned it any better. WAY TO GO ALL 4-LEGGEDS AND 2-LEGGEDS AT SPK!!!! Your aren’t only the champions of our hearts, you are (again) champions in a horrendously long race. Well done. We will always be proud, no matter where you finish, but isn’t this fun? Way to go, SPK. And way to go Moira and all of you who follow and try to keep us updated. Thank you so much for your time and efforts. We all can kind of be there with you.

  • Fabulous Race Allen! You are the master of the run-rest schedule. Was wonderful to
    see PaPa Clyde be a part of this team. As a fan of Sweet Violet–Thanks for taking her.
    11 males and 3 females on this GREAT TEAM! Well Done! Proud of SPK!

  • If we are feeling so elated for all of you, we can’t begin to imagine your emotions. You were wonderful in keeping us updated and engaged. We are humbled to be even a small part of this wonderful place called SPKennel! Rest well and enjoy the victory!
    Much love,
    The Straw Ladies

  • A masterful performance indeed. I never thought there could be a team to compare to Quito, Biscuit, and their siblings, but this team is truly incredible – a team for the ages. Congratulations to all!

  • It’s hard to imagine any dog being able to snatch something out of Clyde’s mouth. Not sure if that puts Champ in the breeding pool for ravenous eater, or out for dishonesty. What ever the case, this has been a phenomenal team. I could not be more proud of Allen, Commando, Dutch, Spark, Kodiak, Clyde, Champ, Rodney, Five, Driver, Nomex, Junior, Chena, Felix and Violet.
    I’m impressed Allen made it out to greet Matt, but it might have felt like time to feed dogs and leave a checkpoint!
    Safe travels home to the pups, Bridgett and Jeff.
    Rest what you can before the festivities.
    You certainly deserve it.

  • Congratulations to the entire SPKennel Crew and extended family on a well-orchestrated Quest Win! Clearly it “takes a village” to win a 1000 mile race! Special thanks to Moira for doing such a phenomenal job keeping all your fans across the globe updated both as to the team’s progress and each canine/human’s contributions to the team along the route. Great pics, useful links and profiles provided!! Both Allen and Aliy’s top notch dog care was evident all race long…and long and cold it was! Commando- way to make certain that the scenery was changing for you ALL RACE LONG! This tandem of Commando and Dutch is something special!! Here’s to repeat strong and healthy performances in 18 days. I hope that Clyde received a replacement steak. If not, let me know and I’ll send him one. Best from Virginia.

  • This astounding performance is the true textbook definition of TEAMWORK!! Kudos to all but especially to those fourteen dogs and the fifteenth member of the team. They DID IT!! I am too thrilled for words.

  • I watched the finish video again tonight while waiting for the red lantern to come in. I thought I had heard Allen say his plan was to take 12 two year olds on the Iditarod this year. Yep, that’s what he said.
    If I am counting right, that is the entire Golden Harness and Coffee litter, plus M, I think.
    Wow! I will be watching the Black team with as much interest as the Red Team to see how many he can bring into Nome (and our Dancer may be in the line up too – always makes it fun).

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