Never one to want to jinx anything or speak too soon, all I will say is that currently, Allen, Commando, Dutch, Spark, Kodiak, Clyde, Champ, Rodney, Five, Driver, Nomex, Junior, Chena, Felix and Violet are less than 25 miles from the finish. They are on Lake Lebarge now, and will take the Yukon River exit before hopping onto an overland trail to the finish line in Whitehorse.

They are travelling right now around 6.5 miles per hour putting a finish estimate at approx 8am local time.

Matt Hall, currently in second position is over 30 miles back and about to get onto Lake Lebarge.

The handler crew has tried to nap a while, although that has been punctuated with tracker checking all night. Just like some of you, we had some anxious moments when we saw the team off the tracker route earlier in the evening so we also had to come down from that high anxiety state.

In a couple of hours we will make our way down to Shipyards Park in Whitehorse to greet the team. We’ll be stopping off on the way to purchase some fresh steaks for finish line treats for the team.

Once the team crosses the line we will bring them to the truck, give them a watery meaty meal and give them a foot and body massage. They can have as many other meat snacks as they want. We can’t wait to see them, get our hands on them and love on them. They are all incredible athletes – the toughest, nicest dogs in the world.

Check the Yukon Quest Facebook page, they may try to broadcast the finish line live.  I will try to post pictures directly our Instagram and Facebook,  until I can get to wifi and write some words about it for you all.

A cautious excitement is creeping in…

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