Congratulations to Linda Bogue who is a fan of RAZZ, Jane Smith who is a fan of RODNEY and SPARK fan Crystal Windgassen!

You have won today’s Dog Fan Club Draw and will receive a signed copy of the 2018 Yukon Quest Race Annual and a Quest patch, a glam shot of “your dog” and some other kennel goodies.

Rodney and Spark are currently running the Yukon Quest and are in between Stepping Stone and Pelly Crossing right now. Razz is a little too small for that but will hopefully follow in her kennel mates’ booties and be on the Quest trail in a few years.

We will have more random Dog Fan Club draws during the Yukon Quest so keep an eye out for that over the next couple of weeks.

Thank you all so much for your continued support of the SP Kennel Dog Fan Club. To check out more information about each athlete including race history and fan club members go to our “The Dogs” page and click on each athlete.

To join the Dog Fan Club go to the “Get Involved” page or click on the button below:

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