Yesterday afternoon we took 16 Yukon Quest athletes for their pre-race veterinarian checks.

Around nine volunteer vets, six student and another half dozen vet-techs, plus several volunteers, were on hand to give each athlete a thorough exam.

I spoke with Dr Nina Hansen, the Head Veterinarian for the Yukon Quest, while she was examining Chena and I asked her about the pre-race check and what the vet team looks for at checkpoints during the race.

Spark has his turn
Spark has his teeth checked

Prior to the checks we provide proof of up-to-date rabies, kennel cough, leptospirosis and 5-way (adenovirus cough and hepatitis, distemper, parainfluenza and parvovirus) vaccinations for every dog. The vet team checks these off against each dog and use their microchip number as identification to ensure each dog is who we say it is.

You can see from the exam form that the physical exam is very thorough.

We are very happy to say that every dog passed so now Allen has the difficult task of narrowing his selection down to 14 of the best athletes.

Rodney loves all the attention!
Violet looks a little bashful

Thank you to the vet team and volunteers for taking such good care of our dogs today. It is obvious everyone there loves dogs and our dogs respond in-kind. We look forward to working with you out on the trail!

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  • great interview Moira! Nina is a special vet! they are all great.. Cant wait to see the list for Allens team.
    truck has new doo?!

  • Thanks for the video! Truck looked good but the dogs where so well behaved. Taught by
    the best! This team I am picking on my own to see how close I come to the real team.

  • Thank you, Dr. Hansen, for doing the video. It was wonderful to watch you and hear your commentary. I noticed the truck, too, it looks great!

  • Chena is ready to race!!! Nice video…..very comprehensive physical! Im suspecting a roster filled with lots of Fire pups! 4 years old means they are in their prime…look out YQ……here they come!

  • Chena was a perfect model, good girl!! Rodney even looks like he is having fun at vet checks…that boy lol!! Thanks, Moira and Dr. Hansen, that was informative. Go SPK!!

  • Thank you for a great video. I’m trying to guess the roster, too. Can’t wait to see who Allen picks as his team. Great looking dogs. Go SPK is right!

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