Jeff and the R&B Team are EXCITED! They will leave the chute wearing #6.

Jeff has a real mix of experience and youthful exuberance. He has with him Daisy and Schmoe, Ginger and Olivia, Barista and Creamer, Bronze and Gold, McCaw and Dancer, M and Decaf.

As with the Red Team, the final configuration of the R&B Team will be confirmed just before the start but look for Daisy and Schmoe lead the team out of the chute. He will likely mix everyone around to give other, less experienced dogs a chance at the front.

Unluckiest dog in the yard is Willie, he trained hard and really wanted to go with Jeff but came home with a slight limp after their 10 mile stretch out yesterday. He will get extra treats today.

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  • You know I loved seeing Five come up first in the photos!! And Olivia running with Jeff–now that’s just special!! Have a great race! Love, The Straw Ladies from Erie PA! Lol!!

  • I am so proud of Cayenne for earning another spot on the Red team and so happy to see Rodney back in the game!!

    Bronze and Gold, how fun! Happy for Olivia and sad for sweet Willie. Go SPK!!!!!!

  • Go Aliy and the Red Team and Jeff and the R&B Team! This is going to be an exciting race!
    Willie must be very disappointed that he didn’t get to race, but I’m sure he will enjoy getting extra treats.

  • I’m so excited to see Olivia and Schmoe get to run with Jeff. I’m sure Schmoe has been helping his neighbors eat their food in preparation.
    Run it off Schmoe!
    Super exciting to see every coffee litter and five litter pup getting out for some competition.
    I hope McCaw shows off what he can do with those amazing long legs!
    Get well Willie.
    Enjoy Jeff and Aliy!

  • Yahoo….Jeff is going to have a blast with Bronze and Gold on his Team in their first race!! Good thing he has Olivia and Schmoe to help balance out the youth!

    Cant wait to hear how everyone does! Have a great time out there!

  • Hooray for Dancer! She made it to the R&B team.

    Hooray for all the great young dogs having a chance at it.

  • Sorry for Silly Willie 😞 but glad for Miss “O”. Also great to see that “M” must be “learning the ropes” enough to earn a spot. Just do as your Mama taught you McCaw- and if all else fails, lean into it!!!

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