Do you want to help us Gear Up The Dogs for the coming racing season?

We often say that “it takes a village” to run a dog kennel but it also can take a thousand and one little parts to make the equation add up. How do we keep the dogs’ feet warm and protected? What do the dogs like to munch on at checkpoints and on snack breaks? What keeps the dogs comfy and cozy while they rest?

Here are some fun and important essentials for the dogs on a race:

  1. Booties! These keep the dogs’ feet protected over icy or extra cold conditions. Feet are important! Keeping those feet in great condition is important too.
  2. Leggings: Our dogs don’t just wear these to look flashy! They also help protect the dogs’ legs from cold, wind, and ice in certain conditions!
  3. Straw: One of Mother Nature’s best inventions– Straw is an amazing insulator. Fluff out a big pile of straw on the snow for a sled dog, and they’ll show you what to do with it… Cozy in and make a bed! Straw keeps the dogs toasty warm while they indulge in some well earned rest at camps and checkpoints.
  4. Beef Snacks: Every dog has their favorite meat treat. A lot of dogs love beef! Who can blame them? Beef has lots of flavor and protein for the dogs to enjoy.
  5. Fish Snacks: Sled dogs love fish! Fish snacks are full of healthy oils and fats, and are also a great hydrating snack for hotter days.
  6. Turkey Snacks: Turkey dinner can come every day for these guys! Turkey snacks are great cold-weather snacks, since they have a high fat content.

Do you want to send some of these essentials down the trail for your favorite race? Then the new Gear Up The Dogs program is for you! After all, it is YOUR team!

If you would like to support your team we’ve given you a few options: you choose a race (for example the Copper Basin 300, Yukon Quest, etc), choose how many dogs you would like to support (one dog, half a team or the whole team), and then choose the items you would like to help with (straw, booties, meat snacks, etc). You can also send a message of support to the dogs.

You’ll receive a thank you email and keep an eye out for a post during the race thanking you personally!

Apologies for the delay in getting this program available to you, we are conscious that you don’t have much time to help us Gear Up for the CB300 but there are plenty of other races to consider also.

We really appreciate your help and support to get us to the start line of each race this season! We couldn’t do this without you!

Click below to find out more about our new Gear Up The Dogs program!


Gear up the Dogs




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  • Yet another FUN way to support the Dogs at SPK!!! Wow… much in the preparations for a race…thanks for the glimpse into the inner workings.

    LOVE the picture of a frosty Chipper decked out in her racing gear!

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