Congratulations to Steve and Bridgett Parker who are fans of Decaf. For the second week in a row Decaf gets extra treats from the Dog Fan Club Biscuit Barrel. Decaf will have to wait for his prize because he is currently racing with Jeff towards the Two Rivers Lodge.

What’s in a name? Decaf is one of those dogs that no longer fits his name that was given to him at a couple of weeks old. He is no longer decaffeinated – his is HIGHLY CAFFEINATED! He is so full of energy we think he just might burst.

Steve and Bridgett win a special limited edition Two Rivers “Valley of Champions” T-shirt that features all the local kennels. Of course they will also get a glam shot of Decaf (who wouldn’t want that?) and some other kennel goodies.

You may remember Steve got to hang with Decaf during the Northern Lights 300 last season when Chris Parker was running the R&Bs. Decaf managed to hurt himself just hours before the start so he got to… you know, I was going to say “chill” but you know that wasn’t the case… he got to entertain Steve for a few days.

We will have random Dog Fan Club draws during the Yukon Quest so keep an eye out for that over the next couple of weeks.

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