While Aliy and Allen were driving home from Glennallen they interviewed each other about their races and teams, especially for you. We thought it would be fun instead of me transcribing into words that you could hear it yourself!

Allen and the Black Team:

Aliy and the Red Team:

Feature image by Margaret Wirtenberg

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  • Brilliant and funny! I enjoyed this as the way to get an recap .. really cool hearing more detail about the experience.

  • LOL
    This is precious!

    Loved hearing your tired informative voices.
    Thanks for the recap despite your lack of sleep.

    Dutch, Chena, Driver and Cayenne, way to go!!!

  • Enjoyed the interviews! A nice way to recap the leaders, and to hear about the drifts along the trail. They are awesome dogs!! Lots of loving when they get back to SP! Glad to hear that Tinder is up front too. Get some rest, and Aliy, take something for that head congestion.

  • Sorry for the lapse in responce….I wanted to listen to the entire wrap up with no interuptions!

    WOW…..4 foot snow drifts…breaking trail…go Allen, Junior, Commando and the entire Black Team!!! Well done!

    And another WOW…..Aliy and the Red Team!! Chena….you go girl…..Driver…..SO proud of you buddy!!! You ALL did fantastic!

    I loved the wrap up…..different but AWESOME! What a GREAT way to hear about the race…..right from the Mushers…..nice job SPK!

  • OMG what an wonderful way to enjoy what you’ve accomplished. THANK YOU for letting us hear how your tired brains were thinking about the race. 4 foot drifts. Jesus- sweet Jesus – 4 foot drifts!?!?! EU!!! I can’t imagine. And you all did such an amazing job – 2 leggeds and 4 leggeds. I am so excited for future posts. PLEASE keep letting us hear the interviews – this was a hoot. I’m just a recreational musher so one foot drifts are about the most we’ve encountered and gone through (this is NE Minnesota – very slowly, I might add, with the 2-legged in lead) I’m a sucker and my dogs know so they capitalize on that and let me break the trail… so I can’t imagine what it’s like to have the trail obliterated by 4 foot drifts. Do you waddle through? I remember reading about how Rick Swenson’s team (way back then – ha) (time goes so fast, it seems like yesterday) used to break trails in front of a ton of other mushers and I thought about that, Allen, when you were talking about breaking the trail. Did you break the trail in front? Did the dogs? How did you get through it? SO did Nic win because he was following your team who broke the trail for him? It sounds like it was all a slog – ALL of it – my goodness – how many teams ended up scratching?! A LOT! WAY TO GO SPK! WAY TO GO AILY AND ALLEN! So……. for the Quest….. who’s going to have Chena and Commando on their teams? How do you ‘agree’ on who gets what dogs?

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