Can you imagine how hard Allen is ski-poling right now? With all the fresh snow this final leg will be a real slog!

The Black Team left right on time and they’re chasing Nic with all their might, and doing what they can to stay in front of Dan and Ryne. At this point in the race, what you see on the tracker is the full picture. No more checkpoints, no more mandatory rest, no more time calculations… the one in front is winning. It’s the only time in the race you can say that with any certainty.

Aliy and the Red Team have also left Mendentla after their final four hours rest. She has ten team mates with her having left Chevie with the crew. They are currently in 5th position and Aliy will be working hard behind the sled to hold that position. For such an inexperienced team (and, honestly, a bit of a lack of proven leaders – when asked why that was she said because Allen has 11 leaders on his team!) a top 10 finish was a great goal.

She left with Chena in single lead, Driver and Cayenne in swing, Nomex and Tinder, Scooby will run on his own, Bruno and Five with Perky and QT in wheel. Bruno and Perky were screaming to go!

The handler crew have worked really hard and can now relax for a while, there is nothing more they can do other than wait and watch like us. Once the teams get over the finish line they set to work again giving the dogs a hearty meal, full body massage, foot ointment and massage and settling them into the truck to sleep for a few hours.

Keep an eye on the tracker, yell at it if you want (I will be!) and I’ll get something to you from the finish line asap.

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  • I yell at the tracker when it doesn’t update for like 7 mins! ARGH Anyway, down to the line again, our gang sure knows how to keep us hanging on don’t they?

    Go GO Go!
    Yeah teams!

  • Sven and Aliy are going to make this an exciting finish! It’s hard to imagine running 80 miles with someone else pushing you. I hope they all enjoy the competition.

    Thanks to all the handlers, for getting the SPK teams back on the trail right on schedule, like usual watching every minute.
    Stay healthy and SPK strong to the finish.

  • What an amazing performance from Aliy’s team! And I know Allen is ski-poling like crazy right now. Go teams!

  • I am so impressed with both teams but wow, that young red team indicates a very bright future! I am so proud of Cayenne!! Go Red and Black teams!

  • Wow….as advertised another down to the wire Copper Basin! This race is always exciting! A lot of Teams scratched too….this is one tough little race!

    What a race for the Red Team…..amazing…..Driver getting a chance in lead…Chena in single lead heading out for the last leg….simply fantastic!

    The talent runs deep at SPK! GO TEAMS Red and Black! !!!!

  • I am thrilled to see the young teams do so well. With so few dogs, to place young dogs into a serious race and see them perform so well must be enormously gratifying for both Allen and Aliy. I know it is for me and I am just a serious fan!

  • Sure to be an exciting finish! Go Allen! Aliy sure has done a good job with her team.
    Some really not alot of experience–Good Job Aliy! Go-o SPK!

  • This has been an exciting race! I have been watching the tracker all day-and night too!
    Go Aliy and Allen!
    “I press toward the mark for the prize…”
    -Philippians 4:13

  • I’m yelling, too! GO SPK GO!!!!!!!
    Way to go, Black and Red teams. What a great race. Can’t wait to see how this all plays out.

  • I have been yelling at the tracker too!! It updates too slow! Pass up Nic, Allen!
    Lead the Red team to the finish line, Chena!
    You are doing amazing Red and Black teams!! 😀

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