In what would have been an interesting logistical exercise for the handler team, Allen and Aliy left Sourdough two minutes apart. They’re currently travelling fairly closely together.

The Black Team has now completed their mandatory six hours (plus differential). Everyone in the top 10 has ticked that off and now the teams will have differing requirements for rest at the final checkpoint in Mendeltna to meet the 18 hour minimum requirement. Remember, too, that it is only a minimum requirement and some teams may choose to rest longer due to the conditions.

Allen still has 11 team mates with him for the run to Mendeltna.

Allen’s daughter Jennifer and Aliy’s sister Kaz captured these shots that give you a great insight into Allen’s checkpoint routine. After seeing to the dogs (putting straw down, giving meat snacks, removing booties, settling them into rest) he melts snow to make water for the dogs’ big meal and also his own. He has a quick bite to eat himself – this is a freeze dried meal stirred with a stick! He tidies his camp site then beds himself down into a sleeping bag and bivvy sack for a sleep next to his wheel dogs!

Aliy rested her team four hours before leaving the checkpoint at 7:45pm. She still has 11 dogs with her for the 75 mile run ahead. With such a young and inexperienced team don’t be surprised or alarmed IF her tracker stops mid-way. She may decide to stop and camp to break such a long leg into two.

Here’s a couple of pics of the Red Team coming into the Sourdough checkpoint. Chena and Tinder are leading the way and looking great!

Aliy collects her drop bags and has a quick chat to Ryne.

Wes said that Aliy has moved Perky into swing. Yep, you read that right. She said she wanted a cheerleader up there and he was the most enthusiastic. Wes also mentioned Five and Cayenne, how they were slamming into their harnesses ready to go! This race will rock the worlds of some of the youngsters, in a good way. As I mentioned before, the CB300 is great proving ground and they will have learned so much already.

Both Allen and Aliy will be aware that we are with them overnight, watching the tracker and cheering them on. Refresh, refresh, refresh…

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  • Beautiful pictures. Thank you for letting us feel like part of the excitement without the cold.
    The teams all look fantastic.
    Way to go Chena Tinder and Perky!
    What an exciting leg, with Nic, Michelle, Ryne,
    Allen and Aliy all running so close together!

  • What a nice tight group out in front…..this is getting more exciting by the momment….thank goodness for trackers!

    Go SPK Red and Black!

  • Thanks Moira! Kind of fun to see that Allen has just past the 200 mile mark, which we sponsored “In honor of SPK” and Aliy will soon be passing it as well. Glad all the athletes are running so well. Keep up the good work! We will keep up the cheers!

  • Way to go Perky! And Five & Cayenne too! The young ones are gaining a lot of experienc. Go SPK Red & Black. Way to go handlers in getting both teams on the trail again with such a short amount of time between the two.

  • Keeping up with the race and reading your updates makes the whole thing understandable from so far away. Thanks Moira!

  • Exciting days! I love to follow SPK teams. Perky is getting to be the star of the coffee litter! Go Black (sigh) and Red.

    Allen wears what looks like gray sweatpants and they always appear to be wet. Does he wear a waterproof layer under those? Otherwise it seems like he’d get really cold. Wet and cold is no fun!

  • Thanks for the wonderful pictures! Following your every move and cheering for
    both Red & Black! I told ya Perky can show his stuff now–GREAT dog Cindy! Thank You
    to the Handlers for your expert work. Go SPK!

  • Hi Ruth, Allen is actually wearing a “wind shell” which is a thin fabric layer over top of his regular black snow pants and black inner coat which are both water repellent (not water proof). The “grey” you see is the black snow pants showing through the thin white fabric of the wind breaker pants. The white fabric does get wet but it also dries very quickly. You’ll see both Allen and Aliy wear this whenever they expect windy, wet weather.

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