Now the Copper Basin is complete we have a few thank yous to make:

Firstly, our handler squad of Jeff, Wes and Mark supported by Bridgett, Jennifer and Kaz and the kids. This race is hard on handlers and a good handler team is essential in this race. From ensuring they are there to greet the team at all hours, calculating timing for exiting checkpoints, to finding the optimum parking space, all on little sleep. They did a superb job, thanks team!

Thanks also to William and the team from Verizon (above right and left) who followed along the race and helped clean the camp-sites – your help was much valued! Fantastic photos and videos from William kept us all in touch with the team and we sure appreciated seeing them as the race went on.

Thanks to the race volunteers, committee and officials for putting on such a great race. Jamey and the trail team put in an great trail and thanks to all the checkers and road crossing volunteers. Thanks to the team updating the website with checkpoint times, those of us not there really rely on them!

Thank you to all the other competitors. The sportsmanship and camaraderie shown in trying circumstances is one of the reasons we love this sport and this race.

Thank you to the wonderful vet team who cared for our athletes all weekend.

Shout out to all the checkpoints and the hospitality shown to mushers, handlers, volunteers and supporters. Red Eagle Lodge, Meiers Lake Roadhouse, Sourdough Campsite and Mendeltna Creek Lodge. We appreciate your hospitality! If you are ever in the Copper Basin area call in and get a burger or say hi! To the team at Old Paths Church, thanks for making the finish line so inviting, as always!

Sincere thank you to everyone who Geared Up The Dogs for the Copper Basin 300

Metta Canez, Kathleen DeVore, Charlene Kellerman, Dottye McCain, Linda Miller, Debi Riley, Christy Rogers, Bennett Spelce, Beemer and Viper Eckhoff, Chemo and Team Adirondack, Sissy and Scooter Freeman, Torch and Waylon Cornforth. If you’d like to Gear Up The Dogs for an upcoming race click this button!

Gear up the Dogs

Thanks to everyone who followed along with us on the doglog and/or Facebook. We appreciate your views, comments and likes (and loves). Let’s do it all again in a couple of weeks for the Yukon Quest.

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  • And a HUGE Thank You to Moira for keeping us Dog Loggers up on what all the stats mean!!! Doing the cumulative run time math for us helped put things into perspective at a glance….well done! Your insight was appreciated….Thanks again!

    Now on to the Yukon Quest!


    Thanks ever so much for all the contributions of time, talent and sweat as well as lack of ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    Woof, woof…woof! Translation: “How could we not “gear up the dog”s – we remember how important this detail is!!!”

    Just a note to say thanks to everyone 2 and 4 legged who have “pulled for the team” for years.

    And to Beemer, Viper, Sissy, Scooter, Chemo, Torch and Waylon – WOOF WOOF WOOF!!!

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