As the teams arrive into Mendeltna for their final rest the top teams have made themselves known. It’s very exciting!

Nic Petit is out front and Wes said his team looks great! Allen and Ryne are oh-so-close together – in fact check out their run times for checkpoints in the table below. Next is Dan Kaduce running this year in memory of Joel Switzer, then Sven Haltman in his return to racing, having had six seasons off. Pretty great showing in his comeback!

Aliy and Red Team are currently in 6th position.

Note: these positions may change once the official website has updated with check-in times. Usual disclaimer applies.

Each team has run a different strategy rest-wise so at this final checkpoint they have differing requirements to meet the 18 hour minimum.

Allen says all his team mates are doing well but will look forward to some rest here. They will rest for at least three hours before embarking on their 63 mile final leg to the finish line.

Aliy did camp the team for just over an hour about mid-way through the leg. They are doing well but are tired because while she camped it snowed around four inches which made the remaining trail a bit of a slog.

Chevie will likely be left with the handler team in Mendeltna as she developed a sore wrist on the way over and needs massage and rest. She has been a little superstar up until now though and Aliy is really pleased with how well she did.

Aliy will often use this race to try different combinations of dogs out and she came into the checkpoint with Chena and Driver in lead. Driver? Good boy!

Not long now before they are off on their final leg – a “sprint” to the finish.


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    What a wonderful report, and thanks ever so much for all the news, and here’s hoping Chevie gets to enjoy here ride to the finish and all the TLC she deserves!!!

    And watching the tracker the Black Team is stepping on the gas or so it seems to me!!!

  • Getting exciting! It sounds like some challenging conditions and the teams are handling them like the champs they are!! Pretty impressive showing by SPK, proud to be a fan!

  • Thank you for the behind the scenes. I might not have slept last night without knowing Aliy would camp, as it is, I waited for them to stop before passing out. I can certainly see Driver in front for that new snow. He has the long legs for it. I hope several of Aliy’s youngsters are impressing her.

  • This has been quite the race to watch. Refresh.Refresh. Refresh! SPK making a great showing. On to the finish! Thanks again for these wonderful updates, Moira! You are IT!!

  • You’re doing fantastic Red and Black teams!
    This race is so exciting!
    Great job Driver for being in lead!
    Get well soon, Chevie.

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