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  • I hope Quito gets her present from Santa. Maybe a bed she doesn’t have
    to share. She is a Queen for sure! Merry Christmas to all of SPK and Crew!

  • I think Quito deserves one of those memory foam deluxe doggie beds, don’t you? 🙂 Thanks for a year of keeping all of us ‘SPK-heads’ updated and informed on the lives of the 2-leggeds and 4-leggeds of SP Kennel. We all think the world of you, Aliy and Allen, and of your dogs. Thank you for letting us come along for the ride. Way to go on the TR50. Time to get psyched for the QUEST. Happy now-4-days-into-more-sunlight!

  • Im sure Quito and the rest of the dogs at SPK were perfect angels through the year and all got extra snacks from Santa today!

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