Yes. We had a drone at SP Kennel. We would like to get some more footage while we are out on the trails but we might need to practice a bit more. And oh yea… Mother Nature needs to cooperate. But this first attempt at flying a drone around the kennel was a blast. Thanks William! We are very pleased that #1 it didn’t crash and #2 no one ate it!

As you can tell, some dogs didn’t mind it and some were a bit worried about that “thing” floating above their head.

You will see Aliy hooking up a team during some of the footage. The two dogs in lead are Junior and Commando. Then Aliy puts Izzy’s harness on while she crawls into the musher’s lap. The fourth dog to be harnessed (and wrestled with) was Perky. What made it all the more difficult is Aliy couldn’t stop laughing as Perky barked at her and then the drone ~ all the while wagging his tail so furiously that he almost knocked her over.

Hope you enjoy!

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  • How fun! And probably a good idea to get the pups used to drones, since they probably will be seeing some on the race trails. Thank you for sharing this.

  • That was AWESOME! Perky…dude…LOTS of energy there! Love the birds eye view and cant wait to see more! Technology is pretty cool these days!

  • What a fun way to start my day! Perky and Aliy had quite the romp….thinkin’ that “thing” in the sky was making Perky extra perky!! I love the view of the dog yard– lots of wiggling going on lol

  • What a blast! Perky is Perky for sure! Technology is on a race. Thanks for
    the video. Love to see how you do things.

  • WOW!!! Everything’s up to date at SP Kennel!!!

    Thanks so much for the education into drone surveillance!!!

    I was laughing so hard and the music was so perfect, – well, you made my day!!!

    A hoot!!! “Perky” indeed!!!

    What a wonderful post – thanks again!!!

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