Woohoo! Congratulations to our three SPK teams!

Allen and his Black Team of Commando, Junior, Felix, Champ, Chipper, Amber, Iron, Clyde, Nomex, Spark and rookie racer “M” finished in THIRD PLACE.

Aliy and her Ted Team of Chena, Dutch, Driver, Mismo, Daisy, Tinder, Violet, Scooby, Five, Ernie and Lydia finished in FOURTH POSITION!

Jeff in his rookie race with his R&B team of Kodiak, Sanka, Ginger, Schmoe, Willie, Chevie, Bruno, Perky, Jefe, QT and Cayenne came in NINTH PLACE.

Aliy said everything went well and there will be further recaps in the days to come.

Thanks to the Two Rivers Dog Mushers Association for putting on such a splendid race! Thanks to the trail breakers, the volunteers and everyone who helped our teams get to the start line. Congrats to all competitors; we hope you reached your goals, whatever they may have been.

Check out the TRDMA website for further results and their Facebook page for some fantastic photos!

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