Jeff and the R&B Team are CHOMPING AT THE BIT!

The team has eleven Race Dogs with youth and energy.

Jeff will have a main leader in Kodiak. The other potential leaders are: Sanka, Ginger and Schmoe. Willie is excited to see a race start again. The remainder of the team with be two year olds: Chevie, Bruno, Perky, Jefe, QT and the little spitfire: Cayenne.

Jeff will start with Kodiak and Sanka in lead.

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  • Nice to see Chevie in the mix…and Ginger as a potential leader……awesome! They grow up so fast! Have a great time at the race….we will be thinking about all the SPK smiling faces on the trail today, doing what you all do best! Go SPK!

  • So exciting…let’s see, 50 miles x 33 doggies x 4 legs = awesome energy!!! And the entries as shown on the TRDMA website include familiar names, too!!!


    Thanks so much for the info and pix and everything!!!

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