Congratulations to Susan P and Spark who have won this week’s Dog Fan Club draw!

Spark-do-da is one of a kind. He is always ready to please. He loves people, dogs… anyone! When he’s not too busy wagging his tail he is leading the team down the trail. Spark is an extremely talented sled dog and one of our main leaders this season.

Susan wins this gorgeous metal framed print of the Aurora Borealis plus a glam shot of Spark and other kennel goodies. We have had a spectacular season for northern lights so far and we are celebrating that with this week’s prize.

Our next random draw will be on December 22nd.

Thank you all so much for your continued support of the SP Kennel Dog Fan Club. To check out more information about each athlete including race history and fan club members go to our “The Dogs” page and click on each athlete. Remember also that our puppies Cloud, Peach and Razz are now part of the dog fan club!

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