Congratulations to Val Lycette and Five AND Anny & Naomi and Sanka who have won our double Christmas Dog Fan Club draw!

Five and Sanka are both racing in the Two Rivers Solstice 50 TODAY! Five will be with Aliy on the Red Team and Sanka will lead Jeff and the R&B team.

Five has grown into a handsome, powerful and enthusiastic dog and we are excited to see him show his stuff this season as a three year old. Sanka is a ball of energy with a big attitude. We’re looking forward to seeing her in lead today with her big bro Kodiak. And… those ears though!

Both Val and Anny & Naomi win a special signed print featuring our annual Christmas photo by our kennel super-photographer Jeanne. We’ll share the photo with you all on Christmas Day, we know you’ll love it this year. Val and Anny & Naomi will also receive a glam shot of “their dog” and other kennel goodies.

Our next random draw will be on January 5th.

Thank you all so much for your continued support of the SP Kennel Dog Fan Club. To check out more information about each athlete including race history and fan club members go to our “The Dogs” page and click on each athlete.

To join the Dog Fan Club go to the “Get Involved” page or click on the button below:

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7 Responses

  • WOOF WOOF WOOF winners/racers!!! Congrats and race fast!!!

    And a note:

    In signing up to sponsor a specific mile (#124) of the Copper Basin 300 the other day (it starts Jan. 13), I noticed that the picture on Copper Basin index page is of…Red Team (and there is Chemo looking straight at the camera)!!! See link below and check our page on left if you want to sponsor a mile):

  • Thanks to the previous posts for the good info–much appreciated! Congrats to the
    winners–great dogs you are a fan of. Sanka and those ears–WOW! She has those
    beautiful eyes like her ma ma. Five you can just see the power! Wonderful SP dogs!

  • Sanka, I love your ears and your beautiful face. You go, Girl! Five, you are looking all grown up and oh so handsome. I am sure you rocked the race today..can’t wait to hear results!

  • Congrats to the Dog Fan Club winners!!! Sanka with those big ole ears and Five with that big ole block head….what a love he is! Enjoy your SPK goodies!

    PS: Love that picture on the CB300 Website…Chemo sure is one happy Sled Dog!

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