For years, our good friend and sponsor Bob Huston (this time of year he is also known as: Santa Bob) has supported North Star Elementary and Russian Jack Elementary Schools. This year he asked Aliy and Allen to come help him educate and entertain.

The North Star presentation was only 19 students in the 3rd/4th grade. They were a lot of fun, and competed in a spelling/ athletic relay race. You have to be SMART and STRONG to compete. All the children got SP Kennel/Verizon stickers as well as Dog Cards.

The Russian Jack presentation was a full school assembly of over 400 students. They listened quite well and learned about sports, honest competition and dog mushing. They too had a relay race with four students representing the entire school body. How would you like to be “put on the spot” in front of 400 of your school mates to spell a word? Yikes! All four did VERY well.

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  • Wonderful story!!!

    What a treat for the kids – the best stand-up comedy team – as well as teachers of the sport of dog mushing!!!


    Thanks so much for letting us know about it, best always – WOOF!!!

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