Now that the sun is taking a vacation from the Northern Hemisphere, we find that we are often training dogs in the darkness. Of course we use headlights and other artificial lightings.

Artificial lights shine across the rear of the team while we take a snack break.

But, even more special than that, the moon is our friend. The moon was full just a few nights ago. It is glorious to be with a dog team in any conditions but under a full moon is the best!

Patiently waiting under the moon…
No longer patient!

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  • Wow, what wonderful shots of fabulous dogs. Going from patient to inpatient in how many seconds??? Thanks so much for posting.

  • It was the Beaver moon. Lower 48 Native Americans named it as it signified the time to gather furs to keep warm in the coming winter.

  • YES…that was an awesome moon to run dogs in! Around 10:30 pm that night Chemo decided he didnt want to come into the house…the only way I was able to get hands on him was to grab the harnesses and head to the PawTrek Scooter. So we went for a 3 mile run in the moonlight….it was fabulous!!! Moon shadows of the dogs danced in front of me as the moon lit our path…the woods, bogs and meadows were bathed in moonlight as we passed….it was magical! I was wondering if the SPK Teams were enjoying the same moon….and YES you were! Chemo must have sensed that…..when we got back he slept like a baby curled up in the bed! We only went 3 miles that night….bet you all put on MANY more magical Moonlit Miles….what a night!

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