This time of year, we truck the dog team up to the BLM White Mountains National Recreation Area  in order to condition them (and us) on long, hilly runs. We also do this to practice packing all of our gear: harnesses, lines, sleds, mittens, etc. Sometimes we remember it all and sometimes… yea… well, no one is perfect.

Last week our goal was to train three teams on a 50 mile out and back. We left Two Rivers early enough but, after stopping for breakfast at Hilltop Fuel Stop and Restaurant – and visiting with both locals and folks driving north or south on the highway – we didn’t get to the trailhead until mid day. Then after messing with sleds, lines, harnesses and assessing what we remembered and what we didn’t… we pulled the hooks and were off… just prior to sunset.

Lucky us, sunset is amazing in the Whites and this afternoon was no exception. I was able to get a quick video of Denali – which lay almost 200 miles to the south – before both my hand and my camera froze. Brrrrrrr. I think it was worth the chill:

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