Because, in life, best laid plans don’t always come to fruition. The truth is we did a calculated breeding this summer… but it didn’t produce any offspring. Then the summer months got the best of us and zoomed on by. In the Fall, as we realized that our of overall SPK dog population was shrinking simply due to retirement decisions and no additions. So, we looked elsewhere to find some exciting new additions to the kennel. Obviously this was challenging. ANYONE who has looked for the perfect puppy to add to their family has shared the same dilemma. But we are very, very, very happy with our three additions.

Introducing… Razz, Cloud and Peach.

Momma Sierra at Seavey Kennel

Razz and Cloud are both from the “Berry” litter named by Salmonberry Tours Company. They were born August 12th out of a breeding of Dallas Seavey’s two-time Golden Harness winner, Reef, and a talented and sweet Dallas Seavey dog, named Sierra. Obviously their sled dog talent potential is enormous.

When we think about bringing new dogs into SP Kennel we look for genetics that have the potential for as much, or more, talent as we have currently here at SP Kennel. This is often hard to come by because we still believe that we have some of the very best Alaskan Huskys in the world. But, Dallas’ dogs have accomplished incredible feats in the last few years – we have witnessed much of their abilities from behind! We are very excited to have his genetics here at SPK!

Thanks Ryne!

We are also thrilled to have very different genetics and potential with Peach. Peach was born September 1st. Her father, Goblin lives at Ryne Olson’s kennel but was originally bred by Sebastian Schnuelle. As many of you know, Ryne has had tremendous success in the last few years and she was incredibly generous to let Peach come live with us. Peach’s mother, Ace, is part of Matt Hall’s Kennel and was on his 2017 Yukon Quest Championship team.

With these three pups, we believe we have acquired some of the best genetics in the competitive long distance sled dog world. Now we need to raise them and train them to be the best they can!

They are very cute and we are really enjoying having them at this age during this time of year. They are spending time in an indoor pen in the dog room, in an outdoor play pen, or in the “big” house.

All the puppies have sponsors and we will update the Dog page soon!

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  • OMG! I’m the biggest Goblin fan! So happy to see these 3 pups with their awesome genetics at the kennel.

  • Congratulation!!!

    And best of luck raising the children of a Reef, a two-time Iditarod champ lead dog, as well as via Ryne, the offspring of a Yukon Quest champ!

    Sounds like a plan!!!


  • Wow! What a pleasant surprise! Very nice addition to SP Kennel and Aliy you look
    so happy in the picture as well as the pups!

  • Yea Puppies, they are so cute. Way to increase the genetics. I also believe SPK has the best sled dogs in the world! Thanks Ryne & Seavey’s

  • Wow, those are some pretty impressive bloodlines! And of course there is the cuteness factor lol! Congratulations on the newest additions to the family. Those are three very lucky pups!!

  • Puppies!!! Looking forward to watching them grow and compete for many years to come. Congratulations.

  • Yeah PUPPIES!!! Congrats on the new additions! They are super adorable… to love PUPPIES!! Very impressive bloodlines….and now you have some new genetics added to the pool….very important decision for you to make….I think ya did good!

  • Oh, heck! Forget the football game, enjoy the puppies! Thanks for sharing the bios on your three adoptees – impressive!

  • Happy to see some new puppies even if they are not SPK bred. They do carry some fab bloodlines and I am sure will fit in and become worthy members of the SPK pack with the special training and TLC I know they will receive. A handsome bunch of furbabies indeed. I just miss that soft fur and those eager little noses and tongues. Puppies are so special and they grow up so fast. Can’t believe the Surfivers are three now and full fledged team members. The next bunches are coming along great too. WOW–my ‘pet’ Prata and her sibs look so grown up now!

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