We have another exciting new addition to the kennel. Let us introduce you her.

Meet “M”:

Four years ago, Nacho was mated with good kennel friends’ girl Stoner, who now races on Pete Kaiser’s Iditarod Team. Today we welcome one of their offspring “M”.

You may think M is an unusual name for a dog but her original name was Ember. We felt that was just too much like Amber and could get confusing for both of them, so we decided to shorten it to M. Besides, if it’s good enough for James Bond to have an “M” on his team then it’s good enough for us!

M is a tall and leggy gal with an independent streak. She is a rookie racer despite her age but she has incredible genetics on her side. She has been at SP Kennel for a month and has been in consistent training. She started her training with the Mature Team but recently has been running with the Racers. Her favorite team mates have been her crazy cousin, Felix, and her half brother, Decaf.

We are excited to have another four year old Nacho daughter on the team.

Check out M’s profile on the Dogs Page along with the other Racers, Yearlings, Puppies and Mature Dogs. M is sponsored by Jenn Bonilla.

10 Responses

  • So nice to be up to date on the 4-legged members of the team, and glad to hear Felix and Decaf have a new playmate!!! Thanks ever so much!!!

    She certainly looks like her Daddy!!!


  • Razz, Cloud (berry), Peach (although Black and Goblin like) and now M on the team. I am excited to see the new comers.

  • The magnificent Ms. M is a beauty! With those genes and your nurturing I am sure she will make her daddy proud!

  • Another awesome addition! “M” will make her Daddy Nacho proud at SPK….no doubt about that! Glad she is fitting right in and running with the racers at times! Good Girl M! Welcome to your new home!

  • Oh she’s a pretty one and she really does have “the look” of that very special family of dogs. We’ll be expecting to hear some great things about her since she’s old enough now to get right in there and work with the racers. I’m sure she is a worthy addition to the SPK group. welcome M.

  • If M is as good as Bond’s “M” she will be fantastic. Good addition to kennel. Give her an ear scratch for me.

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