Have you ever been to a fine bakery and stared at the display case with a cup of steaming coffee in hand pondering your tasty selection? Well, here at SPK we like to have our dogs experience the same feeling every so often.

Thanks to Jeff, Chris and Padee we have created the perfect “Frosted Beef Brownie Bite”. It is a finely cut slice of beef frosted with a melted fat blend of poultry fat , coconut oil, fish oil, corn oil, canola oil and dried liver digest. This “frosting” gives the dogs over 4,000 calories per pound. Do you think your Sprinkled Butter Cookies would give you the same?

The display “case” here at the kennel is a little less refined but more useful. We can walk through the yard and individually select the size brownie for each dog. Rodney gets a huge piece with extra frosting whereas Felix gets a 3/4 brownie with thin icing (sorry Buddy!) We had a few taste testers sample the goodies before we handed them out yesterday. Thanks to Q.T. and Lydia who gave them “two paws up”.

QT: “Another… please.”
Lydia: “I’d like more frosting.”


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  • Whiskey, Willow and Chemo say it looks delishous! But they also like tripe…..so I think its a dog thing! Great idea for snacking the pups….looks like QT and Lydia are enjoying the taste testing! Too cute!

  • i hope my personal treats are not that high cal! I have to watch what my furkids get too but then they are not running in sub zero temps and pulling a sled! That sure sounds like something yummy to a dog’s taste buds, though. What a lucky bunch of dogsters!

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